Date night 1/24

My husband and I have five children. We love those kids, more than anything else in the world, but we also love each other. We made a deal to attempt to do at least two date nights a month this year. This is something we obviously hope to continue, but for this year-we want to renew that spark.

I’ve spent days pinteresting and found some pretty awesome stay at home date nights(if you’re looking for an idea, this is a great one for after the kids are in bed!)-but at the end of the day, I am a sucker for a dinner out. No cooking? The chance of a drink? No kids? I’m in!

We got to do our first this weekend! My grandmother watched three of the kids while the older lady spent the night at my parents and Josh and I got to go out to dinner!


We made it over to North Adams and decided to head down to The Hub. For those who aren’t familiar with the area, The Hub is a casual sit down place, with delicious drinks and a shocking Louisiana feel to it-the menu says that the chef lived down in the bayou for years and I would believe it! It’s an old favorite of mine and a newer one for my husband. This time round we tried two new things,


We started off with Maple Sriracha wings. The Hub has wings to die for and this new recipe is nothing less than spectacular. If you like maple and you like Sriracha? You will love these. They weren’t that spicy, either.


I had the Mass sMoca yesterday, a new to me meal. It had shredded chicken, gouda cheese, bacon and caramelized onions with a garlic mayo on it. I will be ordering this again. Just be forewarned, if you are not a spicy person, this one may not be your cup of tea. I loved it, but it definitely had a little edge to it!

However, if you hang out in North Adams, I would really urge you to go to The Hub for a date night! The place is a blast, the waitresses are amazing(we have had every one who works there, I swear!) and the food is top notch. Also-if you’re anything like me? The drinks are the best!

Sadly, our date night was cut early for a Patriots game(go Pats?) But I am excited to tell you all how the next 23 of our date nights go! Maybe I can even get Joshua to come on here and give a mans opinion on a few!

Be Blessed,

Lauren Jane