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Our week has been a little crazy, think meeting after meeting. We have had at least three social workers out here recently, we’ve had colds and the illnesses, and to top it all off-I’ve been babysitting a 4 year old to help keep some bio families together. That means my post for lifestyle was put off and you’re going to get one right after another with my book review~that comes tomorrow!

Anywho, we spent Sunday, as always, hanging out with my Mema and Papa, the usual way. We always go to church, then head out to their home. I decided today however to throw on a soup and we would have dinner together as well.


I’m sort of the queen of soups. I love to make soups; I add everything but the kitchen sink into them. This soup was superbly easy though, for all you working or busy moms out there, it took about 20 minutes of prep and a bunch of hours of cooking(we cooked ours about eight hours!)

What you will need:

-8 full sized carrots

-2 stalks of celery(I use the leaves too!)

-Box of frozen peas

-box of frozen corn(I used some homegrown stuff so I’m unsure how big a box!)

-4 boneless chicken breasts

-4 cups of chicken stock

-Egg noodles(I used half a bag!)


(These aren’t the right veggies, but it fit!)

What to do:

– Take out your slow cooker and pour all the chicken stock in. Add 8 more cups of water.

-Cut the carrots(I leave on the skins, NUTRIENTS!), celery, and chicken. Put into the liquid.

-Add in the frozen vegetables.

-Add spices as needed. I made a mixture that was pepper, salt, turmeric, garlic powder, onion powder, thyme,  and rosemary leaves. It was scrumptious.

-Stir it all together and allow it to cook for about 8 hours on high.

-In the last ten minutes, add in the egg noodles and serve!

I made enough to feed three ravenous children and four adults! More importantly I was able to spend all day doing other things, while making a pretty healthy homemade meal. We still have some leftovers which I will be partaking in tonight once again!


We had a delicious few days! I also made a stuffed chicken breast with bacon brussel sprouts this week. My chef skills are multiplying-something I am sure my husband is thankful for. Tonight is a lousy cooking night though-think popcorn chicken and rice out of a box!

Tomorrow you will be seeing my review on the novel “Becoming Me” by Stasi Eldregde and then I haven’t decided how to do the one after that-I plan on rereading The Harry Potter series. I may use that to write not as much a review but use it to talk about how Harry Potter has shaped my life-and if the six year old can sit through the first novel, how she enjoys it!

Be Blessed!

Lauren Jane


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