Teething Misery

We were blessed with this lovely baby, who never cried. I hate to brag, but our first nine months of life we had a child that cried when he was hungry or when he was super tired.


Never an angry boy. He can get held in weird angles, forced to sit in one place for a photo op…nothing.

Until now. Until the misery of illness and teething both came to life.

To begin, I should let you all know, we began 2015 sick. Every single one of us-sick. Do you know what it’s like to have a house of seven people, everyone sniffling and sneezing? I’ll let you know-it’s not fun.

Somewhere in the middle of pink eye and sore throats and headaches, the baby fell ill as well. He also decided this year was a fine time to let the top two teeth poke through.

Yes, his little gummy smile becoming toothy is adorable. Yes, he’s adorable and lovely.

But any mama who tells you they love the teething stage is either lying or doesn’t remember the teething stage.


We came up with a few pieces of advice for you lovely followers who have yet to meet the horribly, no good, very bad tooth bearer! Hopefully these will help you before you spend a few nights awake, being drooled on.

1. Roll ups! We made them out of banana baby food and whole wheat bread. All you do is spread a little of the baby food on one side of the bread then roll it up. Put it in the microwave for about 15 seconds then let it cool! It should cool harder and be something they can chew on. (Please only do this after your child is old enough to eat grains!)

2. Rub their toes. If you’re like me you fell in love with your babys feet. The toes are a pressure point to help mouth and tooth pain. Whether he’s just feeling tickled or it’s actually working-James LOVES it! It’s an extra plus if you put a little diluted lavender oil on them

3. Ice, This one you have to watch very closely, however chewing on ice is a favorite in my house hold. If the actual ice scares you a little too much, wet a dishtowel and freeze that!

4. Apples! James has grown to love eating whole apples, they’re the perfect shape and they allow him to chew on something.


5. Lots of loving. If your kiddo is like mine, I was just getting used to having a moment off because he was becoming more independent. Teething took every moment of peeing alone and sleep away. Take breaks as you need them mamas. But extra loving will so help those little loves.


(This is before major teething started, I know because he looks semi happy…)


(Much more realistic…)

Anyway, ladies and gents, 2015 has been a rough start for us, but also a wonderfully beautiful one! I am excited to see where this year takes us and how many teethies I may be able to count at the beginning of 2016! I hope these teething words of wisdom are nuggets that can help you along your journey! What do other mamas and dads prefer?

Be blessed,

Lauren Jane


(See we’ve had a few pretty moments this year!)


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