Grateful, Thankful, Hopeful

2014 In a Nutshell: A year of gratefulness.

In February, my father went into the hospital for what they believed was a migraine. A couple brain surgeries later and he’s doing amazing now. There’s still work, but it was the year of being grateful for miracles, that’s for sure.


The second miracle was a beautiful baby boy, born to us March 21st at 2:04am! James is entering the new year a nine month old boy, walking and eating all kinds of solid foods-we did make it nine months(and counting!) of nursing


My amazing, wonderful eighteen year old foster son graduated high school. So very proud of him and how hard he worked to get there!


We had two additions throughout our year, one for an overnight and another for about three months. They are both in our hearts forever, even if they may not be in our home forever.

It’s been a really good year for us. Even the worst times have been plagued with kindness and generousity from others; at our worst, when we were terrified for my fathers life, people came out of the woodwork to cook my siblings food and help baby sit and stay with my mother as she drove back and forth between their home and the hospital. If I ever begin to doubt humanity and kindness, this is the year I will look back on to remind me how amazing and kind people can be.

Goals for 2015!

-Take an hour a day off of everything and spend it in prayer/reading the Bible. This was a goal for November, but my time was severely taken up while we had an extra placement. I need to get back on that though!

-Get into blogging. I got a laptop for Christmas(thanks to my bearded babe!) and this lifestyle blog is going to come to life! I even started a calendar to write down what I should be blogging about and what days I will be making those posts. So be ready for more lively updates, my darling friends.

-Cut out the negative influences in my life and add in more positive ones. Read more, expand on my hobbies and education, allow myself peace, cut those who take said peace from me out of my life, find my nook in this little town.

-Redecorate the house

-Become more self sufficient with a working garden and hopefully(everyone, go and pressure the babe!) our own chickens and eggs!

2015 is going to be a wonderful year as well, I’m pretty sure.

Hopefully by the end of it, if all goes as planned, we will have finalized guardianship and adoption, we will be living healthier and cleaner, and I will be pregnant with our second bio baby! Those are just generalized aims, none that I can really gaurantee, but things I would love to have accomplished by the time 2016 comes along.

I hope you all have a safe, healthy and happy end of this year. I pray you each find more peace, happiness and love in the next year-amounts that far surpass what you’ve experienced before! Remember, each year is only as good as you make it!

Be Blessed,



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