My hands are full, but my heart is fuller.

Those of you who know my in real life, have probably heard by now. The rumors are true, the tabloids are in fact, factual.

We have in fact accepted another foster placement. 

(the stroller is there for…well no real reason!)

Yes, we are crazy. You get a phone call about a little love who has no where else to go and the state is so overrun with children in need and has no foster parents. Really, guys, please if you have ever considered fostering “in the future”….make the future now.

So this is just a quick post asking for some grace. I had a great  idea for a post, about the things foster parents are sick of hearing, but alas, my life is a little crazier than usual. Six kids, one husband, a whole lot of doctors appointments for the little new love and school in full swing and appointments appointments appointments!

I will try to update with that very soon!

Be blessed,

Lauren Jane


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