Hobbies? Just Maybe.

Those who know me are well aware that talents aren’t my thing. I’m a great person, love with my whole heart, sweetest friend and most loyal family you will ever find–but I’m not talented. My best friend can take photographs like no other and sing like an angel, my husband also has an eye for photography and can draw magnificently. Aesthetic talents though? Not my thing. I’m the girl who painfully aches over a drawing of a tree, who takes pictures blurry and too slow. I can’t sing a note(this isn’t me being degrading…ask anyone. I can play an instrument in a day, but singing a note of music? nope.) Everything I excel in–and things I’m average in I have to work my behind off to be.

(Camp Ashmere, Hinsdale MA, Fall 2014)

I’m not extremely embarrassed by this. Overall I know I’m a pretty amazing person. I can write well, though you’ll never hear most of what I pen. I can play instruments and read music. I can make a damn good bow for a child’s hair and I enjoy embroidery even if I spend three hours making things. I’m not naturally crafty, but if I put my mind to it-I am decently crafty. Most the reason? I have ADHD and pretty much everything I focus on lasts maybe a day.

(My home, Charlemont MA, Fall 2014)

In my attempts to be okay with being a stay at home mom and having something positive(other than my baby of course) and being less bored, I’ve decided to find a hobby. Or multiple ones. Right now? I’m trying drawing/sketching, photography and embroidery. I’ve been reading up on photography, practicing stitches and looking at artists blogs in hopes of any hints how to shade/enjoy drawing.

(Bridge of Flowers, Shelbourne Falls, MA. Summer 2014.)

For the record: for me photography is a HOBBY. I however recognize and have many friends and family who have made it into a career. I’m not pretending to be a professional photographer. I will never take classes about lighting or posing. I just do this to have better pictures of my children and to find something I enjoy.

(“Self portrait”, Charlemont, MA. Fall 2014)

Hopefully my photos will get better, I’ll decide to show my drawings off, you will all enjoy my stitching. The pictures will be shot on my iphone or a Canon Rebel XSI!

Tell me, mommas, what are your stay at home hobbies? What do you do to past the naptimes.

Be blessed,

Lauren Jane


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