Happy Sixth Months Little One.

My baby turned six months yesterday. It was harder than I thought, taking the photos of him at six months.

(James, smiling at six months)

James is pulling himself up. He sits up, but very rarely, since he never wants to be still. He loves peaches, carrots and bananas. He crawls around like a champ.

His eyes are still bright blue like birth and show no indication of changing. He’s over 17lbs and longer than 24 inches.

He talks freely, babbling along. He knows who his mama is and asks for me when he wants something-usually to nurse! He most recently went to his first weekend away, on a Woman’s Retreat.

James is an absolute peach. He’s such a good and happy baby; I know there’s no such thing as a “bad baby” but man, am I glad I got one that sleeps through the night!

Have a little flashback!:

(day of birth)

(one month)

(two months)

(three months)

(apparently I missed the four months? I cannot find it with just the white diaper on with mr monster…)

(Five months)


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