Sunday Funday Birthday Style

Yesterday we had our good old Sunday family time. It began with a lovely drive over the mountain to the First Baptist Church. We had a good old time getting back to the basics, with Pastor Anderson’s new series “Everything I need to know I learned in kindergarten.” He went through the story of Moses this week and let me tell you, Exodus is honestly one of my favorite books. It was a fabulous sermon.

(A bee on the sunflower in front of our home. I needed a photo break to jump to the next part!)

We then headed up to the wonderful Mema and Papa’s for the day. We had Taco Sunday, one of my favorite meals of the week. hung out, and the kids played. We had on some good old football(The Patriots were playing and I think won!) and we relaxed for awhile.

Then about 6pm, we all headed to my mothers for a little get together for the Princess’s birthday! She loved it; complete attention on her. She got wonderful presents and had a great time.

This week, I hope to upload a recipe for my kitchen sink chicken noodle soup and a review on “Proof of Heaven”. I also plan on spending a weekend away on a Womens retreat with the amazing ladies from the FBC. So expect some thoughts from that!

Be Blessed!

Lauren Jane


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