September/October goals!

I’m going to make a list of goals every month, since it’s already halfway through September, I’m just going to add an extra and have my goals go to the end of October instead! There are four areas of goals I’m going to have: health, blogging, kids!, and personal betterment. Most months there will only be three goals, but I’m going to aim for four this time around because it’s closer to six weeks than four!

So here are my goals until October 31st!


  • Once a week, I will have a day where I only will eat vegetarian meals, all day!
  • Walk a little bit every week, my aim is five miles a week, and to walk at least five days a week. I will be using the I-Phone app “RunKeeper” to record it! I’ve used this application before and I love it so much.
  • Drink at LEAST 64oz of water a day! I will be using the I-phone application “Waterlogged” for recording, I just downloaded this application so I will be letting you all know if it lives up to my personal enjoyment;)
  • Yoga once a week


  • Once a week, post about a do it yourself project! 
  • A recipe a week! Which also is part of personal betterment, practicing the whole cooking thing. Cooking is not my thing.
  • Promote this blog on two other social media platforms once a week
  • Read a book and write a post about whether or not I liked it, what it’s about, etc.


  • Make Halloween costumes for the littles! 5 year old wants to be Pocahontas, 4 year old wants to be a dinosaur(with his sensory issues, I’m using sweats to make him one) and the baby will be some animal.
  • Set up Fall creative projects for Saturday nights. Expect some photos!
  • Snack and birthday treats for the 5 year old. And her amazing Pinterest party! The PInterest party can always be a lot of fun.
  • Switch out the summer and warm clothes for the winter and warm clothes and shoes.

Personal Betterment:

  • Write on my own, taking a few minutes to breathe. 
  • 15 minutes a day with Jesus, whether I’m writing/reading my Bible/sitting outside praying.
  • Get dressed and put real make up on at least once a week, dressing nicely makes me feel like a million dollars and I would like to feel like a million dollars every so often.
  • Give up caffeine. This one is going to hurt but my anxiety has been super high and I can’t help but blame it on the caffeine!


These are my goals for the lovely next six weeks. I can’t wait to show y’all how it goes and how we grow! 


Be Blessed,



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