Sunday Family Funday!

(This will be hopefully a weekly post I will keep up; Sundays are a big family day for us!)

We started our day late-big bad Christian mama here decided it was her turn to sleep in. Thankfully my master of awesomeness husband allowed that slumber. By the time this old lady emerged, there was no way I would make it to church. We hung out for the morning and I made a delicious dish for our church picnic! Super easy for busy, crazy moms.

What you need: 2 cans of corn, 1 can of Kidey beans, 1 can of black beans, 1 green pepper, 1/2 a jar of salsa. Mix all these ingredients together and VAVOOM. Simple, yummy and perfect.

It was a wonderful time at the church picnic. We arrived about 11am, the kids and my Mema. We played in a bouncy house, ate lots of delicious foods and partied hard. The kids had a blast! We are so blessed to have this amazing church party. The kids did a great job with behavior too-the four year old even managed to wear underwear all day! Those new to our story don’t know the struggle it’s been to train this little man. He is diagnosed with some developmental delays and it’s been a struggle to get him at level! But proud mama here, he went on the big boy potty the past two days straight! ONE IN DIAPERS YES.

(Mema and the three fosters, walking to our church picnic)

After the church party we headed out to a wonderful Baby Shower.

It was a wonderful time of family and friends as well. 

(The cake was amazing as you can see!)

(my 16 year old sister and the babe!)

After the party we headed home and watched Hoodwinked, Too(I’m in love) and headed to bed. Thank goodness for sleep!



Stay tuned, as the week on I plan on updating my goals for the fall, until Halloween! Lots of recipes and DIY things!


Be Blessed, 



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